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This option lets you build a customized package, taking the parts you need from the other packages or adding something new.

Do you already have an online business and a marketing system that isn’t performing the way you’d like it to? Do you need help in determining what’s lacking or what can be improved on?

Use Customized Package to tighten up your site, plug the holes in your boat and automate your marketing system.

Learn how to:

  • Identify the areas that are either losing money or not producing.
  • Re-enforce your business foundation.
  • Automate your income streams.
  • Build your customer base.

What you get with this package:

  1. An analysis of your existing online business and what areas and how they can be improved on.
  2. An outline to implement the improvements using strategies that include but aren’t limited to content marketing, email marketing, list building and product creation.

marketing-for-healers-raisedUse the form below to describe your project in as much detail as possible and what phase you are in, what you want to accomplish and what you have already done. Write “Customize” in your description.

You will receive a reply with the details for us to meet by phone for your free 30-minute consultation.


If, after our initial 30-minute consultation, we feel that we are a good match, you will send a payment that we both agree on via Paypal (credit card) or by check and we’ll get started.

If we are not a good match, we can part as new friends.

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