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Make Your Experience Pay

If you know something about anything, now is the time to share your passion with the rest of the world.

We are in the information age. Information is the #1 seller on the internet. Amazon/Kindle has exploded the digital information phenomenon.

Learn how to:

  • Format your manuscript for grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc
  • Format book for e-readers.
  • Create your book cover.
  • Upload your book to your Amazon/Kindle account.

What you get in this package:

With the Self-Published Book Package you have a choice of learning to create, upload and market your book (on Kindle and/or CreateSapce) or I will do it for you.

NOTE: This service is available for manuscript rewrites, revisions and edits. The prices are calculated separately, based on length and time involved. If you are interested in this service, choose Other in the drop-down menu on the contact form below.



Use the form below to describe your project in as much detail as possible and what phase you are in. Write “Book” in your description.

You will receive a reply with the details for us to meet by phone for your free 30-minute consultation.


If, after our initial 30-minute consultation, we feel that we are a good match, you will send a payment that we both agree on via Paypal (credit card) or by check and we’ll get started.

If we are not a good match, we can part as new friends.

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