Purposeful Marketing

Are you  living your passion and still not earning enough?

Most of the time people go into the alternative health industry because they have a gift to share and they want to use that gift to help others. They want to make the world a better place. I call them visionaries or purposeful entrepreneurs — because of their altruism.

Unfortunately, noble intentions alone will not grow a business. Too many excellent practitioners are bound to exchange dollars for hours because they don’t have a plan.

At the end of the day, would you like to  have more money doing the work you love instead of a j-o-b? If the answer is yes, continue reading to find out how having a plan can help you grow your business – and your income – in new ways.

Do You Need a Marketing Plan?

You wouldn’t take a trip without directions, would you? You’d probably want to know not only where you’re going but also the quickest route to your destination.

It’s the same for building a business. You need a plan; a plan that gives you directions to accomplish your goals and take your business or practice to the next level.

Following a plan is most important to solo entrepreneurs who are not seasoned in marketing. Having a strategy keeps you on track and focused on manifesting your goals. It defines the steps you take to build a strong foundation on which a business can grow.

A marketing strategy keeps your destination fresh in your mind so you make the best decisions possible. Following a strategy strengthens your determination and commitment to weather any storms along the way, as they are likely to arise when expanding your boundaries.

Following a plan can also help keep you in control and out of overwhelm. You become more efficient; You accomplish more in less time; And you reach your goals faster.

It’s likely your plans will evolve and change over time, so your flexibility and persistence could be challenged. A strategy can be very helpful when you’re being challenged.

The way to de-mystify online marketing is to see a clear vision of the future you want to create and the steps needed to get there. Then marketing becomes routine like any other good habit you’ve developed over time. It becomes second nature.

How to Get a Plan if You Don’t Have One

I help solo entrepreneurs create online businesses, whether they want to expand an existing business or are starting with an idea. I work closely with each client to improve and move their business to their next level, capturing and broadcasting their special message to the world.

I can teach you how to build a marketing system to attract the perfect buyers for your products and services. Or I can do it for you.

My off-line, entrepreneurial skills were learned as a work-at-home, natural health practitioner and solo entrepreneur for many pre-internet years. Moving my off-line business to the internet was a natural evolution. Since then, I’ve helped other alternative health advocates and practitioners create and build their online businesses.

I specialize in assisting spiritually-oriented business owners expand their reach to build prosperous, automated online systems that are aligned with their highest values of service and integrity. I help them leverage their time and energy so they can continue doing what they love. “Do less and accomplish more.”  (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi).

Most practitioners have neither the desire nor the skills to build a system that automates their marketing, so it is usually left undone or it is insufficient to attract new clients and business automatically. Much of their time is spent looking for new clients and customers instead of doing what they love.

I help spiritual entrepreneurs make a quantum leap in their marketing that adds a new source of income without sacrificing integrity.marketing-for-healers-raised

Are you ready to get your message out in a bigger way and make a bigger impact on the world? Are you ready to create an ever-growing income stream? Are you ready to turn your passion into a lucrative business?


With all the various ways to make money online, there is one thing that all businesses must have in order to grow. The single, most important MUST HAVE element is AUTOMATION. Without it you are a slave to your business, chained to exchanging hours for dollars and have no leverage for growth.

The secret is to use a system that works without your constant attention. Whether you have an existing business or are just starting out, you need a system that automatically attracts new clients 24/7.

The options below offer you the choice to learn how to create it yourself or have it done for you. If you choose to do it yourself, you will follow an outline and be coached with regular phone calls and screen-share meetings to keep you on track.

If you want to take your business to the next level or you’re starting from scratch, you’ll find the help you need here. Work smarter instead of harder.

Choose the package that best fits your needs or combine elements from several packages for a customized package.

Click on the package(s) that you are interested in viewing and follow the prompts on that page.






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