Projects by CYWBN


Websites, Marketing Systems, Publishing Channels, Shopping Carts

MINE – This is my other business site – a natural health website, blog, newsletter and shopping cart. NuHealthNews Newsletter Archives

NuHealth News Facebook Page

Natures Super Tonic – This is a website that highlights one of my natural health products.

Create Your Web Business Now – This is my marketing website. You are looking at it now.

Self Esteem Insight – This website was my favorite to create. It is still under construction.

One Earth One Body Facebook Page – This is my Energy Medicine website for clearing negative energies and influences.

Fay Ferris Facebook Profile

One Earth One Body Facebook Page


Crestone Solar School This is a site where I helped the owner learn the basics of site creation and maintenance while I helped him move his content over from his previous site that did not serve him, especially when he had no control over making the changes himself. 

Choice to ChangeThis is another site where I helped the owner have more control over making the changes to her site. A big part of this project was to put all the pieces (domain hosting, website hosting and technical support)  in one location which saves a lot of money and frustration!

Elephant Cloud Market – This is a website, blog, newsletter system that I built for my local Health Food Store.

Of Organic MindsThis is a blog under construction for a friend’s business which carries supplements and superfoods.

Patrick-with-Sananda – This is a website, newsletter and blog I developed for a friend who channels teachers of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Patrick with Sananda Newsletter Archives

BohemianBuddhistReview – I reformatted and monetized this site for a friend and it almost tripled the site visits.


Wireless Awareness: EMF Protection From Wireless Radiation Pollution This is my first authored book on Kindle. It covers a topic I care a lot about.

Remembering My Divine Connection: The Great Dimensional Shift and Lord Sananda’s Message I rewrote, edited and published the digital copy of this book on Kindle and the physical book on CreateSpace for the owners of Patrick-with-Sananda.


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