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The Future of Business

My vision for the future of business is for agreements between individuals, companies and countries to be imbued with the energy of the new paradigm, the energy of integrity, co-operation and humanitarianism.

Our world is currently undergoing massive change in all areas, including how business is done. Restructuring the business model at its core with fairness and co-operation replacing power and greed, I believe that mission-driven entrepreneurship is the most-promising future business model of the new world age.

The most qualified change-makers for the new model are entrepreneurs in the healing and transformatiol fields, those purposeful practitioners whose daily conscious practice it is to shift energy to a higher level. What better models of compassion and integrity are there than those of coaches, healers, therapists, practitioners, writers, artists; those with whom service toward a higher value is a priority and already a commitment?

I help such entrepreneurs reach a larger audience and move toward unseen possibilities, shifting ‘It’s impossible’ to a big ‘Yes!’. My business contributes to the health of world business by replacing competition with co-operation. When I help healer-entrepreneurs position themselves online and get their message out in a bigger way, they make a bigger impact with a greater influence on us all.

The Information Age

In just a few short years, the internet has cultivated a new commodity. That commodity is Information. People all over the world want answers. Countless eons of suppression have entire countries now demanding transparency from their leaders. And the internet provides instant results!

A survey from shows us that 91% of online adults used search engines to find information in 2012. Another testament to the widespread use of digital information is seen in the relatively new industry of digital self-publishing. Within a few years Amazon has successfully re-enlivened a dying book publishing business into a vibrant new breed of e-publishers and e-readers through Kindle.

Teaching is the New Selling

The Information Age offers a timely opportunity for visionary entrepreneurs to turn experience into income while reaching a wider audience. Altruism sometimes meets marketing with resistance. But, when you replace selling with teaching, a different attitude is triggered.

Because they facilitate change in clients’ lives, practitioners and healers are natural teachers, improving health, relationships and business. They deserve to be paid well. I show them how to market their skills and leverage their energy to spend more time doing what they love while still honoring their integrity and values.

Being an online entrepreneur with an extensive background of 30+ years in alternative health and healing, I’m in a unique position to help other visionary entrepreneurs more effortlessly extend their message to a global audience and bring balance and harmony into business.

~ Awakening the Entrepreneur in the Healer ~

What shift of power would you like most to see happen in business?


To Your Business Health,
Fay Ferris

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